Hero Spotlight

Brad Bolding

Head Football Coach, North Little Rock High School

The members of Rainwater, Holt & Sexton are pleased to recognize Brad Bolding, head football coach of North Little Rock High School for 14 years of exceptional leadership and serving as an outstanding role model for young people.

Video about Coach Bolding

As an all-star high school football coach who has led teams to championship wins, Brad Bolding strives for nothing but the best—both for himself and for his team. As head football coach for North Little Rock High School, Bolding continues to be a mentor and role model for students.

“Coaching is a unique profession because it’s one of the few professions where everyone calls you by your profession, ‘Coach,’” said Bolding, whose passion for football started at a young age. “That shows you the amount of respect people have for coaches.”

“Being the father of three now-grown sons and having served on the board of a local school, I know firsthand the impact a coach can make on the life of a student. Coach Brad Bolding is the type of coach and role model every parent hopes their children might encounter. We are happy to be able to honor Coach Bolding with this award for a job well done.”

Mike Rainwater
Rainwater, Holt & Sexton

Bolding says he is concerned with the direction young people are headed. As a result, he invests a lot of time discussing character development in addition to teaching his football players how to respect women and about the importance of being a good husband, dad, and role model. He says being a hero isn’t only about achievement; it’s the effect that achievement has on everyone else and what can be taught from the struggle and hardship it took to gain that achievement.

“We look up to people who are making a difference in our lives while at the same time overcoming personal struggles and hardship to achieve their goals,” said Bolding, who credits his father for teaching him to never quit and to do everything with honesty and integrity. “Heroes are people who demonstrate high standards of character and dedication and who inspire others. We admire their bravery and dedication. We aspire to be as courageous and focused as they are so we can achieve our goals.”

Bolding says heroes are often brave and capable of leading others, and they resolve problems that confront society. More important, they also tend to be risk-takers and possess determination, loyalty, courage, conviction, and the ability to put others before themselves. Since many people don’t take huge risks, they admire this quality in another person, and are even drawn to follow him or her.

The Effects of a Role Model

“I have the best coach in the world,” said Kendall Williams, junior and student athlete at North Little Rock High School. “If it wasn't for Coach Bolding, I probably wouldn’t be in football, because I never had the confidence to play—I never believed in myself as much as I do now. He stresses the importance of having spirituality and faith, and I thank him dearly for that.”

“Coach Bolding stands out from other coaches,” reiterates Herb Crossgrow, student athlete and junior at North Little Rock High School. “He takes us to football camps and helps us with schoolwork. I like the fact that he is always on us—if we mess up, he is right there to make sure we get back on track.”

In addition to being on the board of the Arkansas Football Coaches Association and a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Bolding has an impressive 14-year coaching career, including:

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